October 24, 2020

Write for the WitBites

We are looking for experienced guest bloggers who can write for us here at the WitBites. Bloggers who are experts on these topics: online businesses (growth and strategy), social media, entrepreneurship, blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, digital marketing, business technology, health and content creation and distribution.

In a nutshell, this is what we are looking for:

UNIQUE CONTENT – We’re ONLY interested in guest content that is unique, authentic, and let’s just say, original. By this, we mean that you must only submit a post that has not already be published elsewhere in any form on the internet. We will not consider any form of content that is copied elsewhere and then spun, paraphrased or written from a video on the internet and converted to an article. We pass our content through several filters to ensure that it is unique original and does not appear elsewhere before it is posted to our website.

INFORMATIVE CONTENT – We really value content that is Informative, Educational, and Actionable. A detailed ‘Strategy Guide’‘How To Tutorial…’ or ‘Expert Roundup’ post would be a perfect example of this. We are not interested in 500 words long amateur blog post that doesn’t explain any concept in depth and exhaustively.

DATA-DRIVEN CONTENT – It is always a good ides to support your content with enough data and statistics. So, if possible, try to include some credible sources to prove the authenticity of your data. You can include references with the respective URLs or relevant images to support them.

CONTENT RELEVANCY – This just goes without saying – The topic of your guest post must really tally with our reader’s interests, and fully aligned with the nature of our website/blog. (You can check on the categories mentioned above and also on the categories on the menu of our website.

NO GENERIC ADVICE PLEASE – Guest posts must offer a little more than just a short summary, basic obvious tips, which is why we only consider guest content from REAL industry leaders and niche-specific bloggers, and not from any general content creators. For example, if you write about social media and online business, as well as beauty or automotive, we are not interested. We have different subdomains to handle different topics and so you need to post only content that is relevant to our field of specialization.

VISUALS IN GUEST POSTS – For any guest post to be accepted as it is, it must contain at least 1 piece of visual content (images, graphics, video, etc). If you want to use any kind of free or paid stock images, just make sure you customize them wells so they are visually appealing to our readers.

MINIMUM WORD COUNT – Accepted guest post must exceed the minimum word count of 1,000 words. At this time, we will not accept guest posts with less than this amount. We have turned down many guest posts that are below this amount, even if it is only by 10 words.

MINIMAL PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Guest posts must contain ‘very little’ or no self- promotional content. This is very important. You are welcome to link to one of your own blog articles for resource or reference purposes, for instance, linking to a case study or report. However, it must be 100% aligned with the topic highlighted on your post.

If you want to submit a sponsored article, please make sure you’re creating engaging content first before plugging your latest products or services.

SMART OUTBOUND LINKING (POLICY) – Guest articles must contain a minimum of 4 resourceful links to relevant and authoritative content from credible and reliable sources. (eg, linking to an article on HubSpot, CrazyEgg, SearchEngineLand, Neil Patel, CopyBlogger, HuffPost Business, Business Insider, MOZ, Mashable, Wired, The Guardian, Convince And Convert, KISSmetrics, ConversionXL, Unbounce, SEMrush Blog, or any other authoritative blog in a similar industry to ours and relevant to your blog post.)

Linking Policy

This is important information about linking to client websites and affiliate links: Please DO NOT link to your company website (unless it is as relevant and authoritative as the websites mentioned above). Also, DO NOT link to your client’s website/blog in the guest post content or author bio. All these will be stripped away immediately. We will very quickly recognize spammy-looking, third-party, anchor text link manipulated contents, so please just don’t do it.

Additionally, links to irrelevant sites thrown here and there are strictly forbidden. Whether it appears in the author’s bio or at the end of the blog post, we shall remove them and we might reject the article altogether if need be.

We will NOT tolerate specific links to personal or client company websites/blogs in the following industries: ’Essay Writing’, ‘eLearning’, ‘Resume Writing Services’, ‘General Writing Services’, ‘Real Estate’, ‘Law’, ‘Health & Medicine’, ‘Construction’, ‘Finance’ ‘Adult & Dating’. As clearly seen, these websites are NOT related to our website/ blog niche and content. Your own affiliate links are NOT permitted in guest posts.


You are permitted to add 1 (one) link to 1 (one) social media profile of your choice. And, 1 (one) link to your business or personal brand website or personal blog in the author bio only. The link to your website or blog can be a do-follow link but only as long as it’s aligned with the nature of our website and carries some authority.

No-follow link policy: All other external links in guest post content and author bio carry a no-follow attribute. Please DO NOT use or manipulate anchor text/keyword links in your bio to link to your website/blog. We recommend linking using naked URL’s only or a logical Call-to-Action, I.e. ‘Read our blog’, ‘Learn more about us’ or ‘Visit our website’.

WELL FORMATTED GUEST POSTS – Guest posts have to be correctly formatted before being submitted for approval. To write for the WitBites, you need to be able to use an easy-to-read English. If English is not your first language, with all due respect, have someone who is fluent enough proofread your work and make the necessary changes before submitting it. We do recommend checking the readability of your post before sending it to us.

WRITING STYLE – In order to write for the WitBites, the writing style should be unique, and self-engaging. It must be following the general writing format and be in a style that is easy to read and decode the message. Use clear short sentences and relevant connectors where necessary. Your guest post should not sound like it has been written by a hired corporate robot. Your post must be easy to read, and not contain too many jargon words or phrases.

SHARING AND COMMENTING – If your guest post is accepted and published on our blog, we will kindly ask that you help to promote it on social media and via email. Please also be available to respond to any comments your post receives in a timely fashion.

The Benefits You Get When You Write for the WitBites

The WitBites attracts over 10,000 users and over 15,000-page views monthly. So, there is real potential to drive some of that targeted traffic back to your own website/blog or social media.

In-Market Segment

Here are the top 10 market segmentation that our blog fits into.

More reasons to write for us

Your guest post will be shared with over 31,000 social media followers, and over 2,500 blog subscribers (Both Email and Web Push Notifications combined).

  • We also spend a considerable amount of time (and a little bit of money too) on content marketing and long-term blog post promotion.
  • Plus, if you play by the rules and your site is relevant and authoritative, you get a nice do-follow link to your site (In the author’s bio).

Are you ready to write for the WitBites?

If you fully agree to the terms outlined above and are ready to produce your best ever content for our blog, then we want to hear from you!

To write for the witbites, send us an email to: editor [at] witbites.co.ke

Sponsored Content & Promotional Media

These guidelines also apply to sponsored content on WitBites. In addition, we also add a clear disclosure at the bottom of each sponsored post. This is to inform our readers that whatever content they are reading is promotional / sponsored / paid-for advertising.

Please do contact us to request more information about submitting sponsored content.

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