October 24, 2020

How to make money online through blogging

You must be here to learn how to make money online through blogging. And although there are many other ways that you can make money online, blogging is one of the best and easy ones to get you started. In the recent past, we have experienced rapid technological advancements. This has really increased internet service provision and access.

Why you should learn about how to make money online through blogging

A lot of users from all over the world are now connected and using the internet. They are using it to gather information on various topics to help them complete their projects, work online, learn and much more. Due to this, many bloggers are popping up every day to tap in to then opportunity and even make money out of it. The world wide web is like a giant marketplace which connects the potential buyers to their consumers. This article is going to explain to you in details on exactly how to make money online through blogging. How you are going to become a pro blogger and make remarkable contributions to the worldwide web.

1. Decide your blogging category/niche

You may be thinking that you can just select a general knowledge website on all the topics of this world to have more presence on YouTube. Well, for an experienced blogger, this might be easy. However, for startups, this will really be cumbersome, since you will need to write so many articles before you start getting noticed. This is so because, the search engine prefers to draw information about health, for example, for a website that is exclusively about health. So, if you need to get natural traffic from search engines, consider content curation to a particular field in which you are well fit to write about.

2. Choosing a domain Name

After you decide the blog/website category, it’s time to choose the perfect domain name. A domain name can be represented by your National Identification Number. It is uniquely identifiable to you, and no one else can have the same as you. This is what your visitors will be typing in the address bar of their browsers to access your blog/website. A good domain name is one that is:

a) short and easy to remember – you can decide to use a brandable name, like Google, or use a combination of words representing your blog, for example WitBites.com, SEOTools.com etc
b) does not include too much numbers – using too much numbers within a domain name gives a wrong impression to search engines which may flag your blog as spam and end up messing up with all your efforts. So, it’s important to just choose a clean name.
c) relevant – choose a relevant name for your blog, which means that, if your website is about toys, choose a name that would quickly suggest to your visitors what your website is all about even before they visit your website.
It’s always a good idea to perform a domain name search on any domain name registrars, like BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. so that you make any changes as necessary, just in case you find that someone has already registered the domain name you have thought of already.

Secure social media presence

Securing social media presence – social media presence is one of the vital areas in which a blogger could tap into. A lot of users are using social media today. So, while you optimize your website for search engine traffic, social media will help you communicate many things to your fans and your visitors. This would include things like promotions, that is if you are selling things from your website, new podcasts, new articles posted, new videos, or if you are performing an upgrade to your website, making changes to your address, and tons of other things that you may want to.

3. Choose a domain name registrar and hosting

You should now look for a reliable domain registrar, to register your domain name. You will also need a hosting provider to host that domain name for you. If you don’t understand these two, take it this way; a domain name is like a business name, e.g. RainBow Studios. But RainBow studios cannot operate without a space, so they rent a room on a building in town to perform their normal day-to-day activities. Similarly, a domain name cannot operate alone, you need to rent an ‘apartment,’ which we say, host your domain name. The size of this ’apartment’ is determined by how much traffic you expect your site to have, which is called bandwidth, and also the number of things you plan to upload to your website. For small blogs/websites, even a 1gb storage and 1gb of bandwidth will be more than enough. Larger websites will require more than this to function properly.

4. Begin setting up website

Depending on your level of expertise, you can decide to use any method of setting up your website. Some prefer to do the entire coding of their website using DreamCode scripting. However, for the purposes of this article, and those who have less coding skills, we recommend using a Content Management System, commonly referred to as a CMS. There are tons of CMSs out there, but the most common ones are WordPress, Drupal and Joomla which have many plugins that can enable you create any type of website that you may think of. Installing them is easy, and if not given to you by your hosting provider, you can talk to them to help you out on that, or even download it in zip format and install it on your domain name using ftp means.

5. Begin adding content to your website or blog

This is where the real job now comes into place. This content should be easy to read and search-engine-optimized. To achieve this easily, you can use on-page SEO tools (for example Yoast SEO) to help you achieve the best results out of your posts. Make sure your articles are well above 1,200 words and above, if possible have a few articles even go up to 2,500 words. Make sure to post regularly so that the search engine can depend on you for fresh unique content and earn you a lot of traffic.

6. Search Engine Optimization

This is a very important aspect that every blogger needs to learn about. A search engine works as a link to websites those who are looking for information. It uses artificial intelligence of some kind in order to rank websites and the best website gets a top result while a worst is ranked last. So, what does this top website do get to this result? They do what they call search engine optimization. This means communicating proper signals to the search engine in order to rank your website among the top results. Search Engine optimization starts from the way you name your website, the length of your domain name, renaming your images, and using alt feature to explain your images, using a consistent social media name and much more. (We have an article that talks about Search Engine Optimization)

7. Sign Up for Google Ad Sense

Ad networks like Google Ad Sence will really help you on how to make money online through blogging. Although there are many other Ad Networks out there, Google Ad Sense takes lead, since it has many users, they pay better than others. Once you have published a few articles and already getting traffic from your posts, apply for a Google Ad Sense account. You may or may not qualify. If you don’t qualify immediately, keep updating your blog and following the Ad Sense rules and they will approve your website. Once approved, choose your appropriate ad blocks and you will be earning cool passive income whenever someone interested clicks on an ad on your blog/website, which is normally referred to as a conversion. You will still earn handsomely when people only see those ads and add up the impressions.


Many people are looking for how to make money online through blogging.  Although it takes time to set it up, there are no limits to what you can earn from blogging. You can even become one of the best bloggers of your niche in the days to come. All the best in your blogging and let us know of your journey in the comments section below and also through any of our social media handles.

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